Let’s Talk: Interreligious Dialogue

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We believe that interreligious dialogue is an important topic to be open if we want to discuss the future of Europe and look for ways of cooperation and respectful living together. The topic itself reflects a strong European dimension as it covers one of the characteristics of the true mosaic of cultures, traditions, and languages that Europe is becoming more.

For the promoter groups, the topic is highly relevant due to their cultural and religious backgrounds. The main goal of the exchange ‘Let’s Talk: Interreligious Dialogue’ is to create a space where young people from North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Sweden, Spain, and Italy can explore the religious diversity and intercultural dialogue as a means to fight religious discrimination. Moreover, the exchange is intended to serve the promotion of non-formal education concepts in the countries represented in the exchange.

To sum up it approaches the topic in three aspects: the right of religion as a human right, the diversity of religions, and participation of young people in fighting religious discrimination.

Objectives of youth exchange ‘Let’s Talk: Interreligious Dialogue’:

-to open the topic of interreligious dialogue, to explore the religious diversity in participating countries;
-to create a safe space to discuss the roots of religious discrimination, hate speech strongly present in all participating countries;

-to look for ways of creating more open and inclusive societies and communities respecting people coming from different religious backgrounds;
-to develop participant’s competencies such as communication, teamwork and provide them an opportunity to fully benefit from the Erasmus + Programme internationally youth activity;
-to create an inspiring environment and to support brainstorming ideas for future projects in the international field;
-to create a short movie - key project result with the aim to bring the topic of interreligious dialogue closer to young people in participating communities;
-to organize movie projections in participating countries with the aim to open the topic of interreligious dialogue and to present Erasmus + Programme to a wider audience.

As a result of the project, the participants will create a dialogue that will provide youth talks on interreligious dialogue with the aim to encourage young people to be open to cooperative, and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions and spiritual beliefs.